e-Psychiatry Locum Tenens Services

Benefits of Using Psychiatry Locums Companies:

e-Psychiatry has been the leader in psychiatric locum tenens and staffing since 2007.

A psychiatry locum tenens company is a type of medical staffing agency that specializes in providing temporary psychiatric healthcare professionals to healthcare facilities, clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations. The term "locum tenens" is a Latin phrase that means "placeholder" or "substitute." In the context of medical staffing, it refers to healthcare professionals who fill in for other doctors or practitioners on a temporary basis.

Psychiatry locum tenens companies focus specifically on supplying temporary psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychologists, and other mental health professionals to address short-term staffing needs. These needs might arise due to various reasons such as physician vacations, medical leaves, increased patient demand, or unexpected gaps in regular staffing.

Healthcare facilities often turn to psychiatry locum tenens companies to maintain continuity of care and ensure that patients receive the necessary psychiatric treatment even when their regular providers are unavailable. Psychiatrists and mental health professionals who are open to temporary assignments can work through these agencies to fill in at different locations for varying durations.

The benefits of using psychiatry locum tenens services include flexibility for both healthcare providers and professionals, the opportunity for practitioners to experience different practice settings, and the ability for healthcare facilities to maintain quality care even during times of staff shortage.

What Makes e-Psychiatry Different?

The primary benefit of psychiatry locum tenens services is the ability to quickly fill staffing shortages when a provider at your facility suddenly quits. Locum tenens companies accomplish this by placing clinicians into short-term or temporary positions at your facility. However, these short-term positions negatively affect the quality of care and continuity of care for patients. Temporary locums positions also still leave your HR department with the task of hiring on a new provider who can take the place of the locum tenens provider.

e-Psychiatry solves the traditional issues experienced with psychiatric locum tenens by placing providers into long-term, rather than temporary positions. e-Psychiatry providers become an integral part of your team, participating in weekly staff meetings, and assuming supervisory and leadership roles. The average e-Psychiatry provider stays with a healthcare facility for over 3 years, compared with a standard locums provider who may only stay for 3 months.

Just like locum tenens, e-Psychiatry providers are able to be rapidly contracted or hired on by your facility to solve urgent staffing shortages. e-Psychiatry is able to present your team with a portfolio of clinicians to interview within 7 to 10 days. After you select the clinicians you would like to hire, e-Psychiatry’s in-house credentialing committee can help your team rapidly onboard and credential your new providers.