1000s of Licensed Therapists and Psychiatrists Nationwide

e-Psychiatry provides employees with access to quick, inexpensive visits with a therapist or psychiatrist from the comfort of their home. Our therapy visits are over 66% less expensive than traditional in-office visits! e-Psychiatry clinicians offer evidence based therapies and prescribe medication.

e-Psychiatry Advantages

Fewer Sick Days & Increased Productivity

Patients with depression miss an average of 30 work days annually, costing employers over $9000 per depressed employee. e-Psychiatry can reduce these costs by over 50% though early treatment interventions

66% Less Expensive Than
In-Office/Traditional Therapy

Our therapy visits are only $35 per session. In-office visits average over $100 a session!

Better Choice of Providers

75% of employees have inadequate access to psychiatrists in their city. e-Psychiatry provides patients with access to the top clinicians from across their state through our secure online platform.

Quicker Appointments

Lead to employees being treated before they end up losing concentration at work, taking sick days, or being hospitalized.

Early Interventions Lead to Major Cost Reductions:

Every $1 invested in early mental health treatment for employees, leads to $4 in long-term savings for employers.

Increased Medical Savings

Mental health increases the cost of co-occurring medical conditions by roughly 20%. e-Psychiatry helps you capitalize on these savings by keeping your employees mental health thriving

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